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Blue Tansy

Natural alternative to Dianette

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After lurking on this forum for some time, I decided to finally create an account in hopes of finding a solution to my stubborn adult acne.

In my teen years, I had clear skin. Acne had never been a problem for me until some time in my early twenties. I tried everything to get rid of it to no avail until eventually I went on Dianette. Within nine months, my skin was flawless and marble smooth. However, since starting it my hair also got thinner and I gained ten pounds. I switched to Yasmin. It kept me clear, but I was miserable on it so after about six months of annoying side effects, I quit birth control all together.

I got my period back after four months and my skin was clear until last month. I had thought past three months if my skin didn't break out, I was in the clear. But I was sorely mistaken. Yet again my face has broken out in a bunch of tiny annoying under the skin pimples. I don't get whiteheads or blackheads. I get either these annoying inflamed bumps that never come to a head or pustules and I only have them all over my cheeks. I have virtually no acne anywhere else. I am absolutely devastated by this as I had perfectly clear skin only a month ago. 

I am tempted to go back on the Dianette, but I really want to stay off bcp if I can. My hopes is to find a natural remedy that can mimic the effects of Dianette.

I presume Dianette worked for me because I either have low progesterone or excess androgens - my hair is thinning,  my skin is breaking out, and I've gained some inches around the waist. Facial and body hair is not an issue for me.

So with some background I was hoping somebody could point me in the direction of some remedy that can serve as an alternative to Diane? I've heard good things about SP.  Based on my success with Diane, would that be a good fit? Or would vitex be better?

I really don't want to go back on Dianette. :(

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I switched from Dianette to Mercilon after loads of research online and it has been brilliant. It's a regular pill and I have no side effects unlike the bad depression on dianette. Better than taking such a strong drug! Am looking to stop my pill very soon so will post back if I find a natural alternative. 

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I took Ginette 35 for eleven months and then stopped taking the pill after missing many tablets in the 12th pack. I had started taking the 12th pack on 29th March 2017 and missed many tablets and started bleeding on 14th April 2017 then I stopped taking ginette 35 and started taking Ashokarisht by Patanjali it's an Ayurvedic medicine. I was expecting my next period on 12th May 2017. I started bleeding on 10th May 2017 (this bleeding feels and seems like periods).  I think it's good because I had had read many horror stories about not getting periods for months. 

Skin also seems as clear as it was on ginette 35 I left taking the tablet on 6 April 2017 so it's been 33 days. I started Ashokarisht on 17th April 2017

Ashokarisht is an Ayurvedic tonic for women that balances hormones and helps in maintaining regular periods. No side effects.

I am also on a wait and watch policy .......will take Ashokarisht for three months at least.  

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