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  1. What shampoo and soap is the best to use for people with bad acne?
  2. When showering should you soap yourself first and then wash your hair with shampoo last, I feel if I wash with shampoo first, then there is more time for shampoo on my face to aggravate my acne?
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1. Everyone's skin is different. There is no miracle shampoo for everyone. You'll have to try some things and note the results.
2. If you wash your hair first, why would there be shampoo on your face for longer? Assuming you wash you hair first and get rid of all the shampoo it shouldn't even touch your face. Just tilt your head back so you're hair is in the shower, washing away the soap instead of your face.

I feel like some of your posts are just silly.

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1. Shampoos without irritants are probably a good idea. There's a cool website where you can paste the ingredients into a box and it will tell you if any of them are comedogenic.

Same goes for soap. I use Dan's cleanser, but lots of people also like Dove bar soap. Check out the reviews here on acne.org

2. I always wash my face last because I want to make sure I have all my other products rinsed off properly (especially hair conditioner cause it leaves a film on your neck and face around your scalp. 

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