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  1. Can drinking tap water be bad for acne as it may not be filtered?
  2. I don’t usually drink a lot of water but I am starting to now as I want to improve my acne, I am worried that if I suddenly start to drink a lot now my skin will get a lot worse as it can purge if toxins are brought to the surface of skin due to suddenly drinking a lot of water, would a solution to this be to ease into it and slowly drink more and more water?
  3. Is drinking bottled water better than tap water for acne? Some people do say that toxins from plastics in bottles may be bad?

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there is lots of threads on water, worth doing a search. like the cause of acne, no one is a 100% sure.

regarding question 1, hard to say, some people have stated hard tap water is a big problem.

re question 2, i would not say it would be a problem.. ive never heard of a person breaking out because of drinking water. everyone says drinking water is a must if you want "good" healthy skin.- just dont over do it.

re question 3, hard to say, some say its great.. others say bottled water is evil - chemicals from the plastic/ chemicals added to the water (apparently tap water has strict relations unlike bottled water)... i dont know.

....anway from my personal experience, when i kicked my fizzy drink habit and drank more water i saw good results.


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