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I'm twenty years old, suffered with mild acne for two years now. Only prescription I use is epiduo (which has helped a considerable amount) and incorporate salicylic acid in my skin care routine. 

From November 2016 my skin has been great - smooth skin, no closed comedones, little flare ups, and the PIH had improved immensely  

However, I have noticed this past week when I look in the mirror and turn my face in such an angle I can see these tiny bumps are on my cheeks, chin and a bit on my forehead. It looks horrible, tens time worse with makeup IMO, especially in sunlight.

Im thinking it may have to do with the weather, humidity perhaps? When it was winter and a bit colder my skin was okay. But as soon as it's gotten a bit warmer and the suns out my skin has broken out with those bumps at times feels a bit itchy. I have squeezed some and some come out with stringy pus and others do not. (I advise not to squeeze though)

Can anyone relate to that?
Or experienced a change in their skin with the seasonable change? 
Can anyone advise any thing that has helped them please?
Thank you. 

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Hi - thanks so much for replying. 

It has done, my right side is back to normal, however my left side and centre of forehead have still got some which once again look very tiny but you can still see them.  I have started taking allergy talents which have stopped the itching. 

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That's great news!
Girl, have you ever heard of Glycolic acid? It can truly change your life, it has mine! So basically i have or HAD (for the most part) the same problems you have but on a bigger scale, my clogged pores started off small then got bigger and bigger so i tried to pop them but obviously nothing came out much except the occasional stringy pus thingy so that left scarring and redness. Long story short i did a hell of a lot of research and the words "Glycolic acid" kept coming up again and again so i found a company called Nip and Fab and bought a few of their products and THANK GOD my skin cleared up near enough instantly!, 
(Without me writing a essay on here if you'd like me to tell you which of their products helped me with my clogged pores just message back and i'll let you know if you are interested, Oh God i sound like a sales rep lol)  

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