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Caveman regimen

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Yall I've dealt with hormonal cystic acne for 2 years, I'm 28. I had a nervous breakdown when my mother died then i went thru a divorce, needless to say my system was shot. First thing I did was order proactive and from then on it was trying a new system every couple months...not including Spiro, birth control, antibiotics. I will say that birth control, sprintec, did make it more manageable but still pretty persistent flare ups. Even starved myself for a while eating fruit, whole grain and veggies which actually helped some but I just can't live life without feeling full and my grocery bill was getting ridiculous finding healthy everything. The last regimen I was on was burt bees natural cleanser with Olay brush and burt bees moisturizer. Acv toner. I was still breaking out moderately. So on March 19 I got pissed off and just said f it. If I'm ment to walk around with acne then I'll deal with it, so be it. Since then I splash water on my face on occasion and that's it, the best part is my face has never looked better. I'm still in shock like wth??? Is this real life??? I do drink a ton of water everyday, no cokes, watch glutens, no dairy, and take vitamin a, d3, tumeric, probiotic, cinnamon and zinc daily. I can't believe I never had the nerve until now to just b done with face shit! Best choice so far for me.

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