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How To Get Through Accutane!

A little background info about myself: 
I am 17 years old and attending college this August. I have had moderate persistent acne for around 6 years. I went through puberty extremely young and have very very oily skin. My diet is not strict but I stray away from dairy. 
Along with most of you, I tried everything before acutane. Every topical and antibiotic including retinoids and antibiotics that make your stomach and other "girl problems" flare up. After years I was ready to try accutane. 
My acne is not consistent with other users, in fact I have no cysts and not many blackheads, besides my nose. My skin is covered is flesh colored bumps that will not go away and will pop white pus if squeezed. When they get inflamed they turn into huge red pustuals and scab over for many days. They pop a very large amount of pus for how seemingly small they are and hey smell awful!!

accutane so far: 
I started my first three months on 40mg a day (because I only weigh 120lbs) and nothing happened. Not a single thing. No breakout or dry skin or even dry lips. Just same old tiny bumps all over the face occasionally very inflamed. My Derm said that my reaction was odd but maybe I needed a higher dose so I'm on 30mg morning/ night. I am taking my pills with food and experiencing what might be an intital breakout at month four (because my dose was too low.) My entire face was covered in small red pulsing pustuals that would pop huge amounts of yellow smelling puss and immediately scab if touched. I am having trouble controlling this breakout and have taken off work because of its severity. All of the scabs are responding well to topical antibiotic ointment because they are broken skin but the skin around the scabs will break out from every ointment. I am not considering getting off acutane, but I am hoping for some advice for this initial breakout and if anyone else had scabs on their face. 

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