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Okay so I have using the acne.org regimen for 2 years. Initially it worked very well, but in the last 6 months I have started to develop large pustules on my cheeks and temples. I even included Glycolic acid into my regimen ( 4 months ago) and have showed no signs of improvement. On any given day, I have up 6 pustules on both cheeks and temples. Any suggestions to help get rid of /  prevent these pustules from forming!!! THANKS

(below is a pic of my cheek sorry for the bad quality)


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Had anything change in your regimen routine? Are you using different products? Are you still being gentle on your skin when doing the routine?

Has anything changed hormonally? Or maybe changes to your diet? Any new makeup products?

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I changed the moisturizer out about 3 months ago( so i started seeing the pimples on my cheeks before this)  to cervae because I found the acne.org moisturizer made the edges of my face extremely itchy and gave me puffiness around my eyes. I do sometimes tend to wash my face once a day instead of twice.. maybe this could be the reason. I also changed my make up to non-comedogenic products in order to minimize breakouts.. still nothing?? Then maybe I started thinking it was how I take extremely long (30-45 mins) and hot showers daily..

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