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im 32 been dealing with Acne since i was 27, started getting this crap in my late 20's prior to that i had the best skin, not 1 zit not even around my period, this came outta no where, i deal with it and sucked it up hated it but dealt with it, then i went to my family doctor (WHICH I SHOULD HAVE JUST GONE TO A DERMATOLOGIST) he put me on MINOCYCLINE ya it worked a year ago for 6 months, then he tried to take me off it slowly the 50mg ya that started to break me out again so i went back on it and was taking 100 mg from Oct till present and in Feb i had the worse breakout even on my jawline NEVER HAD THIS BEFORE, it was always on the cheeks, anyways, im finally going to o a dermatologist next week, i want OFF these antibiotics ( biggest mistake of even starting this shit) i should have listened to my husband and gone to a dermatologist, ya my family doctor is great but what are dermatologists for? i want to have a baby but i can't with my face like this and the stress im under and I WANT TO BE OFF ANY MEDICATION, im just frustarated, im told it's acne vulgaris, then it's hormonal acne, then could be ROSACEA acne like wtf is it? why hasn't my doctor done blood work to help me with this? benzo proxide sucks, doesn't work for me makes my skin red and itchy and super dry i am HOPPING the dermatologist helps me because honestly i have had ENOUGH back and forth no real answers i hate this, im on mino now still 100 mg one day, 200 mg every other day until i see the dermatologist i can't wait to have clear skin, healty and STRESS FREE no more antibiotics, i will follow up when i see the dermatologist next week, wish me luck !

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