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What is this burn like scar on my cheek?


so I've had this mark on my cheek for almost two months now. It literally looks like someone burned me with a cigarette. It's a round red mark and the skin has a lot of texture. I have been good with moisturizing my face and especially this mark as it can be very dry. No success. 

This morning another mark appeared, just like the previous one. I'm getting worried now as I've had the first one for a long time. The area where the new mark is itches like crazy and has been itching for the last couple days days. I'll insert a picture. Don't mind my acne, it's getting better and a lot of is just scarring. The two red dots are what bothers me. 

Does anyone know what it could be?




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Go see a dermatologist if these areas are bugging you ...

I believe they are PIE, the after effects of acne. If you press on them and they go away they are PIE and if they do not go away they are PIH. Depending on this test is the treatment outcome. We made a faq with lots of treatments to this common question here.

Goto the derm and ask for retin A or tretinorin gel for cell turnover. Ask if they think hydroquinone aka skin bleaching cream would also be good. If these don't work laser is very effective for pigment issues vbeam and quadrostar pro.


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Yes, seems like the answer to my question after more research on PIE and PIH. This is why I love acne.org. Thank you so much, I wanted to try on acne.org before I go and see a dermatologist. I feel at ease knowing what to ask for now :) Thanks. 

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