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My Weekly Meal Planner - Need Some Help/Suggestions

Hi all,

I'm really trying to change the way I eat, not that I ever ate badly but I want to incorporate more good stuff to help manage my (very mild) adult acne breakouts.

I've recently started to have green smoothies a few times a week (cucumber, ginger, kale, chard, lemon/lime juice, chai seeds) and even purchased some kimchi, which I'm having a few spoonfuls of with my evening meals, when I can. I try to eat organic meat (chicken) but do eat some turkey mince (which I can't find organically raised) and I eat gluten-free too.

I don't snack on nuts as I'm aware they can cause negative effects and also I think I might have a slight allergy. I also don't eat any fruit. That might sound odd but I always seem to breakout when I eat any and I'm very conscious of their sugar content and GI rating. That's another thing - I'm always aware of GI ratings and what things may or may not do to my blood sugar level.

I only recently looked into nightshade vegetables and discovered I probably shouldn't be eating peppers - which is a pain as I used to really enjoy them and eat them at least twice a week. So, once again it's back to the drawing board on that.

I'm trying to update my weekly meal planner but I need some help/advice. Firstly, I have a few gabs - I'm struggling to think of healthy meals I can have for lunch and dinner each day. Secondly I'm really keen to understand if what I'm eating currently is all good or if there's something here I really should be cutting back on or cutting out entirely.

I appreciate this forum is pretty quiet these days but if anyone can help me out I'd really appreciate it.


  Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner Snack
Monday Porridge w. hemp milk Oat cakes (GF, plain) Salmon w. sweet potato mash Carrot & cucumber Turkey mince with brown rice & veg Veggie smoothie
Tuesday Veggie smoothie Carrot & cucumber Chicken w. steamed veg Oat cakes (GF, black pepper) Veggie curry (cauliflower, broccoli, diced sweet potatoes, peas, onion, courgette)  
Wednesday Porridge w. hemp milk Oat cakes (GF, black pepper) Veggie curry left overs Carrot & cucumber Haddock w. turnip fries and veg Veggie smoothie
Thursday Veggie smoothie Oat cakes (GF, plain) Salmon w. turnip fries & veg Carrot & cucumber    
Friday Porridge w. hemp milk Carrot & cucumber Chicken w. steamed veg Carrot & cucumber Salmon w. brown rice & veg Veggie smoothie
Saturday Veggie smoothie Oat cakes (GF, black pepper) Veggie stir fry (garlic, onion, celery, cabbage, courgette, broccoli, ginger) Oat cakes (GF, black pepper) Cod loin w. courgette spaghetti  
Sunday Porridge w. hemp milk Carrot & cucumber Haddock w. steamed veg Carrot & cucumber    
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Have you looked into Candida diet? Its pretty much grain, dairy, wheat, and sugar free. There are some AMAZING recipes if you Google Candida diet recipes that are low inflammatory meals and use ingredients low on the GI board. Also, look up chicken crust pizza. I use all vegan and dairy free ingredients as well as uncured turkey pepperoni for the topping. Delicious!! 

also, look up almond bread. I make it every week and it doesn't break me out!! I eat a lot of ground turkey and veggies throughout the day. I meal prep which truly helps ALOT! 

Oh and instead of brown rice, look into cauliflower rice :) Its easy to make and delicious!!

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