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Wagwan, lately i've been getting new spots on my chin only every day or two. I never used to be very spotty, until like 6 months ago. I can't recall much I did differently then to now, so can't understand why i'm getting them. They're only ever on my chin which is weird. I wash my face twice daily with tea tree wipes, followed by tea tree face wash from the body shop. I've used stuff like clearasil but not sure if it worked or just lead to me having more spots. Some of them are more painful than normal cause when I touch them (clean hands) they just feel like they're gonna explode haha;)

I just don't understand why i'm getting them though, so if anyone has any suggestions on products, pills, any of that stuff then that would be v helpful. Cause seriously, they've been really bad this week (possibly cause of recent mock exam stress)? But yeah, any help is greatly appreciated. FFFF SPOTS!

Must also add that i'm male and I go gym about 4-5 days a week, I also eat quite a lot.
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How old are you? I was going to say they are prob hormonal but im not sure guys get it like females do. Something to look into though.

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I've used tea tree face wash from body shop too for quite awhile before I changed to another product which contains salicylic acid or other light chemical based exfoliating products which doesn't irritate the skin. Based on my experience, solely with tea tree wash will cause my skin pores to clogged up within a week due to excess dead skins. I guess stress do factor in causing them to get worse and try not to irritate (scratch/poke/touch) them.

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