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Pimple inflammation won't go away ! Help!

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Hi guys , so i got this pimple on the left side of my face and it was super inflamed and painful when I got it. So i used alot or ice on it to get the inflammation down and it did go down. But the skin around the area and over the pimple got so dry so when i peeled off the dry skin there was some white fluid that oozed out (gross) but it was not alot. Then I tried to squeeze it to get the rest of it out but nothing came. And the same thing happened the next day. Now the inflammation has gone down but there still is a bump/inflammation inside the skin. It's raised and isn't flat. It's also red. I'm so consicous about it. I can't even cover it up with makeup properly. Please help :(

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Sounds like a cyst. Stop messing with it because if you keep picking at it you're going to be left with a crater in your face. It's not squeezable. The best thing to flatten these things out is a drawing salve. Look up Prid's Drawing Salve. It's specifically for boils, cysts, or anything that needs to be "drained." I had a cyst on my chin, and I applied a very thin layer of Prids and literally overnight it flattened out. I've dealt with cysts for the past 7 years and it was only this month I was informed about Prids. I have scarring because of these things, and this chin cyst is the first one I've ever had that was just wiped out, flattened, the skin didn't peel off, nothing. It was just there, and then poof, gone. If you can find this salve, apply a very thin layer right on it, a little goes a long way, you barely have to use anything. Then put a band aid over it. Sleep with it overnight. It would be significantly smaller by the morning, if it's still there, you can repeat the treatment the following night. Then, after the second night, just leave it alone. Don't squeeze it or anything. Just let it heal.

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