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Right eye messed up Please help nobody knows anything.

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I'm desperate for any assistance help tips or anything at all.

I've read a lot here and tried a lot of stuff already. But nothing has worked so far, and a lot of the other issues seems related to other stuff.

First off, I’m dyslexic and English is my second language, so if there’s any spelling mistakes I might have missed after proof reading this a couple of times that’s why. Let me know and I’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Basic story:

I’ve been been using Isotretinoin a generic version of Accutane for 3 and a half months, after around 3 months I started getting side effects (I think it’s related to the medication, but I can’t be sure before I get a medical test that proves this)

I never really had any other symptoms than dry skin the first couple of months, I took 3 blood tests that was taken to see how my body was reacting to the medicine. The only thing they found was that I had low cholesterol levels in my blood this was found in the last blood test I did. I did not think anything of this really,

First symptoms of possible side effect.

After 3 months, I started getting an uncomfortable feeling In my right eye that was unpleasant and annoying, I went to the doctor and they gave me some antibiotic eye drops and gel that I used a couple of days and I stopped taking them as it seemed that the issue was gone. A couple of days later I started getting the uncomfortable feeling in my right eye again and since then its slowly been getting worse. I tried this again for 2 weeks with no effect a couple of weeks later.


 Symptoms that I have today.


Reduced sharpness in the right eye. Constant feeling

Lightly blurry vision in right eye. Constant but gets worse in the morning and if I press my eye softly.

Pressure feeling in the right eye that goes down into the right ear, a mild feeling in the right side of the nose cannot breathe as good it feels stuffed, might be related to nose issues  I have had before.

A feeling of a dot in the right ear that pops when I open my jaw.

Feeling warmth in the right side of the eye, starting behind the eye and seems like its connected to the neck and ear in some way.

Gently pressing my right eye leads to the eye being blurry for a couple of minutes. I know this is normal but it’s never been as long as it’s now.

Neck issues on the right side it feels like tension of its muscular pressing against something, its mild but I notice it.

Some back pain had this for several years. But it got worse and more noticeable after starting Isotretinoin.

Feeling sharp dull pain around the eye ear area that is constant and really uncomfortable.
Light sensitivity: from computer screens electronic devices and sun light, fluorescence light seems to make ti worse as well,
General feeling of pressure and tension in the right side of my head it's a feeling inside that goes down the neck and to the top of the shoulder blade.

Still no relief at all taking a hot shower seems to sometimes help a tiny bit for a couple of minutes after.

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I just hope both have of you have stopped accutane now.
The side effects are hellish and not all the side are listed in the packet.
Eye problems are not uncommon.
Any other serious side effects?

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Hi hatetane,
I took it for 12 days and stopped due to gastric issues so the eye pain is quite bothersome and I was wondering if someone out there had any solutions. Did you experience anything similar?

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I stopped taking it right after my eye got messed up, I took it a couple of times after the eye issue started as I believed It was related to something else.


The issue still hasn’t gotten better at all, but I think I’m getting an idea about what’s going on.


The doctor now think I have a mental illness because he can’t find anything wrong, and he thinks that’s what’s causing all the issues. And I’m kind of acting stresses as the issue is affecting my life so much that I’m worried about not ever getting better.


I have a feeling that my right eye is dryer then it has ever been before, I can feel the wind and my tear production is not there at all. I’m using artificial eye drops but they don’t really do anything for more than 30seconds after I apply them.


I have a lot of sinus related issues and the MR showed that I had a Retention cysts in the maxillary sinus.

And I hope this is the cause for all my problems and that the issue is caused by pressure inside the sinus that’s affecting my muscles and eyes.


But in the mean time I have to wait for doctors after doctors and they don’t seem to take this seriously at all, just telling me that it’s stress or muscle tension.

They don’t seem to understand that vision is a really important, for people these days in a highly technological society. And that a constant discomfort of the eye is incredible annoying and affects life in a lot of ways.


Has anyone of you gotten any relief by doing warm compression or artificial tear drops?

Or any relief at all by doing anything?


Please don’t stop posting if you find an solution.

How alike of symptoms do you have?
 Please post a brief explanation of it could make it easier to find a connection between issues.

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Hi Johnny,
It does seem like you seem to have figured some part of the problem. At least there was something related to sinuses. Mine is just pain and pressure that wakes me up at night and throbs all day long. Neurologist seem to think it's migraines but I'm struggling with understanding how migraines can affect my eyes. Mine are now both the left and right so both are affected. If you find more things that help, please continues to let me know and what you have posted has given me hope

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Still no relief and my right eye is still completely messed up, I’m pretty sure now that it is dry eyes that are causing the discomfort in my eye and right side of my body. The worst part is that I have a ton of red acne scars on my face and I’m starting to break out again. I think I’m just going to start Accutane again and live with the issue. At least I won’t have acne anymore as that is ruining my life as well.

I probably will have a hard time getting a job looking as awfully as I do now anyways.
Anyone gotten any relief at all from eye drops? They help against the dry feeling but nothing else.

I'm going to a eye doctor that specialise in dry eyes soon hopefully they'll figure it out.

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