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Red blotchy face

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hey gents. so about 2-3 weeks ago i bought some "pure" aloe vera gel off the internet, and put it on my cheeks, forehead and chin as an acne treatment to add to my dermatology prescribed regimen. after i did, i noticed after about 3 minutes that my skin was burning and very hot, and i quickly washed it off. I saw that i had red blotches on my face in all areas where it had been applied. When it didnt go away after a couple days, i looked on the packaging and saw that the  f*cking f*&s who make this f*cking stuff have SULFURIC ACID IN IT FOR SOME REASON!!! since then, ive tried so many treatments, from lidocaine gel to face cleanser, moisturizer, jojuba oil, honey, as well as my prescribed medications (clindamyacin topical, tretinoin and doxycycline) and they either dont do anything or make it worse. IT WONT GO AWAY AND ITS INFURIATING. any solutions? i am desperate for a fix and i cant keep trial and error testing everything.


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Well, i would go to the dermatologist, so he can assess the problem but, while you wait to see the doc, i would stop any regiment like tretinoin and focus on cal down your scan, try bicarbonate wach for a few minutes, some soap with bicarbonate for 1 time only and then a good moisturizer daily, many times a day and apply some ice (but not directly), ex, some ice cubes on a towel. If this does not work as expected i would put a very very VERY thin layer of hidrocostizone at 0.1% , like locoid 0.1% morning and night  for 1 week, then only nights for 1 week and then stop. if burning disappear earlier then stop locoid earlier, the more tretinoin the more burning, itching, etc. hope this helps meanwhile you see your doctor, he would appreciate you use hidrocortizone just a few days instead of homemade recipes that can aggravate the problem..

Just relax a little bit, it seems like we permanently damaged our skin but not, you need more than that .

One last recomendation, aleo vera gel is very good for skin, instead of buying this from a drugstore or internet, try to buy a alo vera plant to have in house, then any time you want you can go and cut a piece and apply the gel, i have one at home and it helped us a few times when forgo

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