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Red not raised part after popping pimple days ago

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Soo I had this pimple near the left side of my lip and it really hurt when I smiled. When it was dry and white on top I decided to pop it as I couldn't stand it anymore. Now it looks like this. It's veryyy slightly raised but almost flat. (Whenever I put my acne cream it burns I use Epiduo)
When will it start calming down and becoming less vibrant red?

[Edited image out]

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Hi LinShady,

Well your skin is going through it's natural response to infection (now post infection). It will take a little bit of time to fully subside, however your Epiduo isn't helping it. If it stings when you put it on then that tells you a few things. Firstly, it's raw and you're only irritating it further. Second, your damaging superficial skin cells that are trying to regenerate/repair/be replaced (however you would like to refer to it). This in turn actually delays the healing process because the body has to remove more damaged cells. Try not to put your epiduo on it for the time being. If it's not overly tender to touch (just inflammation remaining and no infection) then just use a good quality facial moisturiser on it sparingly. The key for you is to kill the bacteria enough for the body to reclaim 'supremacy' of the infection and then calm the skin/promote healing by limiting irritation and providing nourishment (diet and a good moisturiser).

What do you use to moisturise your face normally? And how long have you been on Epiduo?

Good luck!

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@Nathan_NP For moisturizer I use the frezyderm AC norm spf 15 daily moisturizer. I never use something my dermatologist hasn't recommended and I don't wear foundation. I've been using epiduo about a year now maybe more! its really good.
however that specific breakout near my lip was probably because of my period so nothing new.
thank you!  Edited by LinShady
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You're welcome. Those Frezyderm don't actually look too bad. They make some pretty sensational claims, but I hope they do what they say they do. Many ways to skin a cat.. If it works, keep doing it!

Take care.

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