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Spironolactone- Generic Mfg

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I have taken Spironolactone 25 mg, manufactured by Qualitest for about 5 yrs.  It worked like a miracle practically from day 1. I was prescribed 50 mg a day but it worked so well, I only had to take 25, every other day.  Well, now Qualitest no longer makes it and my pharmacy switched me to Amneal.  My cysts have come back with a vengeance, along with a burning scalp feeling.  I knew some time ago that switching between mfg causes issues and insisted that Walgreens keep Qualitest on hand for me.  But now that's no longer an option.

Can anyone tell recommend another mfg that works, other than Amneal??  I need to know which mfg is least like Amneal??  

What is really crazy is, my 23 yr old daughter also takes it and Amneal works fine for her.  My pharmacist was absolutely no help.  He suggested trying various ones until we found the right one.  In the meantime I'm steadily getting worse.

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I’m wondering what ever came of your situation.  I am definitely in a very similar situation and have major breakouts when switching manufacturers.  Did you ever find one that works for you?

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