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Is artnaturals Jojoba oil safe?

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I've recently heard some negative feedback about artnaturals jojoba oil, as it's made in Israel. The reviews on Amazon are all very positive though, just wondering if anyone knew just how legitimate/safe the company and its products are?

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19 hours ago, bill.hong said:

acne problems are inside oil can not resolve

Totally false misconception! It's comments like that preventing good people finding a solution that actually works for them. Oil (the right ones) can help a lot of acne sufferers, don't write something off without fully understanding the physiology/mechanism behind it. 

NewGuy, I've just had a look at it. There's nothing that would indicate that it wouldn't be safe. 100% organic jojoba oil. What concerns did they have regarding it coming from Israel? Does it have something to do with the soil it's grown in? Absorbing something? Edited by Nathan_NP
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Personally I'm not worried at all that it's from Israel, just some people on Amazon who seem to have an issue with that. Also some said it was a fake oil, that was my main concern. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now though and so far it's been great for my skin, I have noticed a purging period where I've had a few big pimples but other than that my skin feels so soft and looks much more healthy. I knew there was a purging period involved with Jojoba Oil which didn't phase me as long as the long term effects were positive. I would highly reccomend it to anyone suffering with acne of any kind as it's an all natural product and the lists I've read all over the internet about how great it is for all sorts of things not only for acne.

After a little more research I'm fairly sure that artnaturals is a safe brand to use too. Thanks for the reply.

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