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Proactiv v Acne.org

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I've been on the regimen for almost 7 weeks already and I still see no improvement, my acne has actually gotten like 10 times worse than when I first started. Anyways, I keep doing the regimen because I have hope that it'll eventually start working for me. About 3 or 4 days ago I lost my benzoyl peroxide so I started using the proactive one that I had from awhile ago. I'm still doing the same steps just with a different bp. These past few days the bp from proactive has actually made my skin sting and burn a little bit after applying, something I never experienced with the Acne.org bp. My face has also gotten really dry and flaky, it was dry with the other one as well but not as much as now. Also, the bp from acne.org never bleached my sheets and with the proactive one I have noticed a little bit of bleaching. Both of the benzoyl peroxides are 2.5% the only difference is that the one from proactive has a little bit of a fragrance. So, my question here is could I have gotten a 'bad' bp from acne.org which is why I haven't seen any improvements yet? Should I continue using the proactiv one?

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i probably would not keep using the bp from proactive since the regimen should be used with products it was designed for.  I don't know why you didn't see any improvements after almost 7 weeks with the regimen bp but maybe you aren't using enough?  I use a fingers length of bp and my acne has cleared up very nicely.  If you are following the regimen perfectly even with the proper bp, it might just mean your skin needs time before it really starts working.  I still had acne for a while after the first two months but it slowly went away.  but in my opinion i would try getting another acne.org bp because i personally have not heard great reviews about pro active products..  i hope this helped and i really hope your skin clears up soon!

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