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How to find internal causes of adult acne/how to fix current monster cyst?

Hello everyone. I'd like some advice on two things...

1) I've been getting acne since puberty. My acne itself has always been mild to moderate. I've had phases where my skin is beautiful (I'll try a new product/prescription that really seems to help, initially) but those phases always come to an end. I thought I'd be free of acne by this point but it seems like every time my skin is smooth for a few months, I'll have a bad breakout again (like right now). I take great care of my skin externally (gentle cleansing each morning and night, sunblock, only light mineral makeup and mostly natural products), try not to touch my face, wash my pillows/sheets regularly, etc. so I think my acne may be caused by something internal (allergies, possibly hormones, an underlying condition, that kind of thing)...but I'm not sure how to get such a thing diagnosed. If someone has insight regarding this, I'd love some advice.

2)  I sometimes get super deep cysts between my eyebrows (I only get them in this location). They are crazy painful and so stubborn. I have one right now. I actually got it injected with cortisone a few days ago when I felt it forming (which usually works) but after several days, it didn't go down (nor did it form a head). Because these kinds of things make me anxious, I stupidly tried to extract it myself and now I have a big red mark between my brows and the cyst itself feels sore and very hard underneath. Should I get it re-injected, or just leave it alone? And how can I prevent these cysts? This is the most bothersome type of acne for me because not only are they painful (I could swear that they even give me headaches), but the location is very obvious and it makes me so self conscious.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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