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I Need Advice on Which BCP to Switch to.

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I'm on Birth Control Pills. Before starting them I didn't have issues with Acne. I generally got a few pimples around my period but that was it. Then, two years ago I started Tri-Sprintec. And I had acne from week two onwards. My first week I wouldn't get any new ones but the ones I did have were barely healed before the next popped up. Then, a year ago, I switched to the Monophasic Sprintec. And it got SO MUCH worse. My skin gets rough patches that feel like sandpaper. I've treated and minimized the damage for a year but now I want to switch to something else. My issues are that I'm ignorant, and cost. I've read everything I can about hormonal acne but I can't make sense of what I should and shouldn't use.  The reason I've stuck with the Sprintec so long is because of the cost. 9$ isn't bad. But I can't pay 200 a month for the Ortho like my GP wanted me to. 

Any advice?

Also, I"m 27, Female, and I have both Endometrosis, and Fibre Cystic Disease. 

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