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What to do for scarring?

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I have acne scars on both of my cheeks.  I did Accutane for 7 months 10 years ago which cleared up my cystic acne.  I had juvederm injections 8 or 9 years ago, they did nothing.  About 5 years ago I had the matrix fractional laser treatments which also did nothing.   What should I do to fix this?  I am very self conscious about it.IMG_0721.JPGIMG_0719.JPGIMG_0715.JPG

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This is atrophic scarring that is tethered. Your Juvederm did nothing  can be setting expectations too high, and the biggest reason I have seen is they inject Juvderm, do not subcise with a nokor needle thus releasing the skin and makings pocket for the filler to stay under the scar. The filler spreads out without subcision or does nothing if it stays tethered. 

Laser does nothing for Atrophic scars are they are already fat deficient. You might need sculptra throughout the area, Nokor subcision and HA on top in the pocket made. 

If you can use your fingers to spread out the scars and they look somewhat better subcision will help. 

For the texture irregularity once it is raised you can do spot tca peels and microneedle by alternating monthly http://derminator.com most of us use.

To learn more about subcision goto the faq below in my signature and checkout that section nd the tca section. 

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