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Nobody has an answer for this acne

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I'm gonna keep it real short, or try to. I've read articles, and amswers, and others people,s questions for years. I have had dermatologist appointments after appointments. I've asked doctors, specialist, people online. I've done my research on every acne known and their symptoms and cures. But nothing works. My name is Corey, I'm 19 years old. I've had acne since I was about 15 -16. It's only gotten worse from that age. I have used every product on the market and tv. Literally. Proactive, masks, charcoal, prescribed products from derms, teas, everything. Nothing will get rid of my acne. I've took vitamins, pills, washed my pillow cases, changed my diet and stopped eating sugars. Only drink water. My acne just gets worse. I get it in my eyebrows, back, all over both cheeks, forehead, hairline, nose, chin, under my whole jaw under my bottom lip, back, in between my eyebrows, I mean that's literally my entire face and I'm not lying. The only thing I do is vape, but I tried stopping completely and it still didn't go away.  I can't take pictures, videos, go out in public, nothing. I need an answer and I hope someone can help me.  

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If what you are saying is true, you might want to try accutane.  But this is a very serious medication, needs to be discussed with a dermatologist.  It can have extreme side effects.

Other than that, carefully try dan's regimen.

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Actiivate, let's nut this out for you. Answer what of these you can.

What are you doing for your skin right now?
What type of acne do you have?
What prescribed medications have you used previously?
How much dairy do you consume?
When you say you stopped eating sugars, do you mean added sugar or are you also conscious of sugar contained in process foods?

I know exactly how you feel and I was in exactly the same boat at your age, well actually I had my first course of isotretinoin at 18, but let's try to avoid that if we can. Fortunately we have several options to explore. You can try any or all, but get back to me with those answers first.

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