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To Accutane?


Essentially I'm really in two minds about using accutane. I'm sure I'm not the first person to ask this on here and probably not the last but I'd like to see what people think about it in my current situation.

I'm 24 and male living in the UK. I have had bad skin on my face since I was around 14 and have had various treatments. I would probably describe my acne as mild to moderate but I have tried a fair few things with varying success:

- Tetracycline (was on this for way too long and wish I hadn't bothered, it worked but it's not a solution for sure, think it may have messed my stomach up a bit but I'm not 100%)
- Doxycycline
- Benzoyl Peroxide (works but I feel it's aged my skin a bit and I can't be doing this forever!)
- Differin
- Adapalene
- Duac
- Freezing cold showers and washing with cold water only
- Almost every supplement I could possibly have read about 
- I also attempted dieting but it's really hard especially when everyone questions why you won't eat or drink something so it rarely lasts too long, but cutting out sugar seems to help

I used benzoyl peroxide to essentially do Dan's regimen (but with different products) for probably around 8 years with a little bit of varying in products and adding some antibiotics/supplements in there throughout the years. Last year I went to see my GP and had almost what I would describe as a rash on my forehead and had really had enough of it all. She prescribed me differin and got me an appointment with a dermatologist. Long story short I went to see this derm and my skin wasn't too bad - she was pretty nice and just straight out asked me if I wanted accutane as I had tried a fair few other things already. I was quite taken aback as I hadn't even been suggested it before. She really down played it and said they were much more relaxed to prescribe this drug now? I picked up the prescription maybe 1 month ago and haven't had the balls to start taking it yet. My prescription is for 20mg going up to 40mg and she said I'd be on it for 6 months - I'm about 70 kilos but she never asked or weighed me - not sure if she was just really experienced or not much good?!

I'm just so sick of it. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I think that definitely doesn't help -  the annoying thing is my skin goes from almost totally clear to being broken out so two weeks ago it was great and then in the space of a weekend I have a fair few spots everywhere one of which is huge. I just don't want to be chained to using all these products that don't 100% work for the rest of my life - not to mention I'm a bit worried about the damage they're doing to my skin. Also when my skin is bad my confidence drops in all aspects of my life and I'm sick of it holding me back.

My main concern with accutane is developing some sort of internal problem and also losing my hair! My dad doesn't have a full head of hair and I'm nervous if it thins my hair out it might speed that process up a bit! I'm aware it doesn't cause male baldness but if I am genetically predisposed to that I don't want to speed up what is already in motion! Also I don't want to go from acne to some other problem or even worse the acne comes back after using it and I have another issue to deal with as well...

Any advice appreciated but if possible I'd rather have stuff backed up by experience or science!



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