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acne after stopping birth control

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I am desperately seeking out success stories from people who have dealt with acne after stopping birth control!

I'm 22 and was on Yasmin for about 5 years. I went off it 7 months ago due to the risk of stroke. I immediately started breaking out although I have never in my life had issues with acne. It has gotten worse in the past 3 months & I seem to get new pimples every day. I'm starting to lose hope & going back on birth control is not an option for me.

I really would like to hear stories from people who have had a similar experience! Especially those who feel their acne is clearing or cleared.

thank you!  :smileys_n_people_58: 

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i want to update just in case anyone is out there with the same problem. It’s been a little over a year now and my acne is GONE! The acne i was experiencing just 6 or so months ago was severe and i didnt think it would ever clear like it has. My number one suggestion i have for ppl who are going through this is to stick with it and be patient with your body. My acne only cleared up when my periods became more regular, and it can take a long time for horomones fo balance horomones after birth control. A healthy diet is a great way to support your body while its trying to figure things out. I tried EVERYTHING when my acne was at its worst, but all i needed was time. 

i have a very minimal skin care routine now: i use all natural zinc sunscreen every day and wash my face with water at night. i also use a light mask, but im not totally sure that does anything. thats it. Otherwise, i dont eat any dairy, and avoid too much sugar or soy which seem to effect my complextion. 

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