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Help with makeup while on regimen

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This is going to be a ramble but bear with me. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know I could use the help. I've been on the regimen for almost a year. Long story short I'm not the best at sticking to it so still have breakouts on my cheeks. I usually do BP just at night (occasionally morning if my skin is really bad), I use cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and moiusturise on the days I'm wearing makeup (3 days a week), I also use half dan's moisturiser half AHA some nights. My problem is makeup. I'm past the really flaky stage at the beginning of the regimen but I still cannot seem to apply makeup well. I cant use a foundation brush or blend because my skin just seems to ball up and go patchy. I use a beauty blender which fixes that mostly but still can't get a great texture because of how thick the moisturiser is (I thought using Cerave moisturiser would help but that was even worse when I tried to do liquid foundation over it). I feel like I can't win and it's really frustrating. The regimen moisturiser just feels so tacky and sticky. My makeup feels dry on but looks greasy and I can't do anything I want to do because my skin doesn't agree with it. I use good products, good brushes and good technique to no avail.
If anyone has any tips on how to improve makeup while on the regimen or just anything in relation to making it an easier process id be happy to listen whether it be makeup reccomendation, technique or in how I use the regimen products.

My makeup routine - dans moisturiser, smashbox primer, born this way foundation, powder bronzer (blended with light brush), UD naked skin concealer (blended with sponge), setting powder, MAC fix + spray

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Hi im struggling with a similiar problem. Ive tried a few tips that helped me, im still not 100% satisfied, but you might try these :) i thought my cetaphil moisturizer was great as its thick and my skin is dehydrated from bp, but for daytime under makeup i like gel moisturizers that doesnt sit on the skin and absorb. they moisturize well too! Also go have a breakfast to let the moisturizer sit. I always knew i was meant to wait, but until i actually did it, i noticed the difference!  If moisturizer sits on top of the skin, the makeup goes patchy over time. Next i use setting powder BEFORE (also a bit after) foundation on my T zone, it stays on for longer and doesnt get greasy. some people also recommend using the fixing spray before roundation, i think it goes: moisturizer-primer-spray-powder-foundation-powder-spray. 

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