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Infini Rf or Laser for large forehead scar?

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I have a large saucer like forehead scar from almost ten years ago. So far I've tried derma stamp (although not religiously), chemical peels, and restylane filler which didn't last more than a few weeks. 

I've had three consults with different doctors about subcision but they either said it was too shallow or ineffective. So I have another consult coming up with a doctor that has the infini rf. 
Would my scar respond well. Most people has smaller scars and the study i saw on it  was a multitude of small scars on the cheeks. 

I've been putting off trying laser because of all the negative reviews and cost as I want it to be my last resort. 
Does anyone have any feedback on the infini or other suggestions? 


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I would not do Infini here. What will it do that the microneedle did not do, just some energy in a fat deficient spot. This is a strong muscle "procerus". You need Nokor Subcision with Botox and a filler.  Most doctors would say Subcision was bad if given a choice (no $$$$), they might be scared about the artery here. The muscle is moving and getting rid of the filler. If you don't like Resty then ask for a longer lasting filler, that is the least and cheapest. If they did not make a pocket with subcision then the filler will disperse and the muscle will move. It will take 3 times of doing subcision and filler.

This is a atrophic tethered scar. TCA peels if strong enough would do the same thing as laser just make it wider. You do laser and infini at the end, not to fix a atrophic pitted scar they are pushing this because of $$$.

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I have the same problem with a scar on my forehead pretty similar . I tried subcision and release, fat Transfer, and laser .. I don’t know if the laser helped at all it made it looks longer now but not quite as deep.. I am looking into excision for this scar now.. but my other option would be using my own stem cells for fat grafting on this scar .. hope this helps.. 

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