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Hello everyone!
I'm realy bad at english (can read, but cant write)
Thta's my situation right about now
I am on accutane now)
Is there something that i can do?












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Thank you for sharing your pics, I see some atrophic box cars and some rolling scar. The temples are the worst.

Your biggest improvement will come from Subcision with a Nokor needle and HA filler from a Dr or Med Spa. You will need 3 of these.

At home you can microneedle aka http://derminator.com which most of us use here, they also have manual ones in the store. Use pure HA serum before and after your monthly needling. You will heal slower while on Accutane, so please see how you heal the first time you may need 1.5 months in between.

If you are on Accutane, you must wait for the acid peels till your done.  You can do the subcision and microneedling now. 

I would alternate that monthly with TCA peels spot treating the areas of concern after your Accutane for a year.

See the faq below in my signature, goto the subcision section, tca peels section, and microneedling.

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it was said somewhere that i should wait at least 6 month after accutane course is done. Is it really okay for me to do the subcision and  microneedling now ?
Thank you for reply!

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My doctor said it was fine. The consensus among many (not all) professionals is to wait 6 months but there have been attempts to rebut that 'revered' statement. Try to microneedle on one part of your face and assess the results 1-2 weeks after. 

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The 6-12 months rule is only a concern IF you are doing any kind of resurfacing (dermabrasion, laser, peels).  Otherwise it is fine.

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You could try massaging the scars to "plump" up the skin. By massaging means you have to do it in a special way. The idea is to force the collagen that stay beneath the dermis layers up to the upper layers of skin since the collagen molecules are too large to penetrate. Same theory as microneedling that to promote scar healing is to allow the collagen to pass through the dermis upto the epidermis.

I am consuming vitamin C and spirulina to assist in scar healing. My massage method is squeezing the scars several times everyday as if you wanted the squeeze something out from the skin but not too hard just enough to see blood rushing in then gradually pinch your fingers inward.

This way you will not damage the healthy skin and causes new scars by dermaroll. It is not suitable if you still have active acnes and to treat acne you have to extract the comedone as soon as possible by poking with fine tiny needle and squeeze out followed by retin-a on the tip of the needle and gently insert it into the wound several times as deep just enough and let the retin a stay "inside" of the wound . The idea is to limit the production of the sebum. This is good if you have cyst prone skin.

Well cheers and take care.

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This is off topic but have you tried Dermaflage?  It is like a makeup for depressed scars, like a topical filler you apply yourself.  It is for both men and women - not really a make up.  Yes you have to apply it everyday and it is really hard to learn how to apply but it is amazing.  It has given me my life back.  I don't think I will go in for another procedure to try to correct my scars ever again because with each procedure my face has gotten worse or shown no improvement.  (I have probably spent almost $10,000 on one scar over 9 years).  Dermaflage is my answer for now.  I wanted to make sure I shared this, I feel I owe it to everyone on here.

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You don't want to use Dermaflage daily. It isn't cheap.  It's not easy to apply, it takes a while to get it right. It's good for going out to special events, etc.  Only mix what you are going to use. Be sure to push gently to get the stuff out of the tubes, because otherwise you end up wasting it.  Once you mix it you only have so long to apply it.  So small amount, mix, apply, repeat.  


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