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Sleep with mineral makeup

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Hello! I just had this random thought - brands like bareminerals claim that their mineral foundations are 100% natural and non-comedogenic. Wouldn't this mean that you could fall asleep with these on, without breaking out? I've been thinking about this for a couple of days now. I mean, what is it that really makes you break out, if it doesn't clog your pores? I know this sounds really stupid, and it probably is. But my reason for asking is that I'd like some layer of mineral foundation to even my skin tone when I'm working out so that i'm not red or really pale. So i'm thinking that in theory, mineral makeup wouldn't cause any problem? 

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Its always best to remove your makeup before you sleep, but makeup doesn't usually cause acne unless your skin is irritated by the ingredients. Wearing makeup while you workout isn't ideal but I usually wear makeup to workout too and it has never made me breakout more. Just be sure to remove it as soon as you can because the layer of makeup on your face may cause your sweat to clog your pores.

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I wore the bare minerals powder when I was an irresponsible teenager and slept in it occasionally, but honestly. If you want to look after your skin just wash it off.. I also used to wear makeup to bed with my boyfriend when I was younger because I was self concious of my skin - NOT GOOD.
Your skin can benefit from having a good sweat when you work out so don't wear makeup if you can help it!

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Whether Makeup is mineral based or not, it is always preferred to remove it before Sleep.  Makeup can never be natural or Chemical Free. Remove your makeup properly from going to bed and then use face wash to clear all the residue left behind.  

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Yes of course its better to wash off the makeup when you can, but I'm self conscious at the gym and wear my mineral peptides sometimes. I haven't had any issues with breakouts...can't hurt to test it out and see how you react. 

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