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Your Being Lied To By Perfect Skin Photoshopped Youtube Celebrities

Wanted to share...

While this isn't hyperpigmentation related I think it's a important reminder. Many times posters compare themselves to those with "perfect skin." Society sells us the fact we must be Photoshop perfect. Watch this video and see how extra coats of makeup and a filter make you faux flawless. There is nothing wrong with males and females wearing makeup to cover imperfections and gain some self confidence and be able to live their lives. Often times as Acne scar suffers we are very hard on ourselves comparing to others with a form of BDD / acne dysmorphia we expect nothing less than perfection. This is where therapy helps weather face to face (cheaper at colleges even if you do not goto one, or talkspace a smartphone app where you can talk to a therapist even without leaving your house). No one is flawless!  


These are the ideals people hold themselves to, be inspired just as you are.


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Yeah, but there are normal everyday people with flawless skin that we can aspire to :) aactually, they are much more motivating, because they're real people with good genetics. 

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On 3/24/2017 at 10:17 AM, beautifulambition said:

I swear to god, I laughed the entire video. Every single comment was absolutely hilarious. I don't know why people care about how others look, as if looking at them is an insult. Why do people bring others down? Why waste valuable time doing that? Life is too short to care what others think about you. All that matters is what you think about yourself and how your loved ones are doing. 

Don't ever mix up your self-worth with your skin. Your skin changes sporadically, but your self-worth should be unwavering. You should value and believe in yourself always. If you can't do it now, you will always be enslaved by other's thoughts. That's a life not worth living; you only have one life to live. Don't let acne be the determining factor to put you down. 

Stop loathing and start living. You will waste valuable years restricting your potential by staying depressed.  Edited by AcneScience

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If you see a picture online, assume it's been photoshopped for marketing purposes, or that the woman is wearing makeup.

Nobody has perfect skin.  You will ruin your skin trying to get it to be perfect.

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