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Natural acne treatment that might work.

OKay so i just looked back on my past and tried to figure out a time when i had success with acne. AND I FOUND WHAT CURED MY ACNE!!
I have oily skin. My current skincare routine is washing my face using cetpahil non-irritating cleanser and moisturising using calamine lotion for oily to normal skin - twice a day. My acne is mostly concentrated on my cheeks. I am 17 years old. I have a lot of acne scars with a few bumps here and there. 
And from today im going to change my entire routine to what i found out earlier that helped me.

I started to breakout horribly from October 2016. Before that my acne wasnt big deal. But starting from October i had severe acne.
My acne is caused due to genetics, it really wasnt a big deal until October caused i was really stressed out. 
Throught out October i was trying home remedies such as epsom salt, steaming, baking soda. I didnt really have any success with it or maybe i was just impatient.

Then On November i had to help my grandparents with something. So i went to my grandparents' for a week. All my cousins were there too and they too have acne cause its in our genes. All of my cousins, and aunts they all commented on my face: 'omg your acne has increased!!' 
When i was packing my stuff, i had only packed cetpahil moisturising lotion and epsom salt.
I went there and realized i left my cleanser. I had no choice but to wash my face using water.
I washed my face twice a day (sometimes thrice when i felt it was too oily)with water only and dried using tissues (i dont use a towel). I applied no products.
I didnt have time for any long warm showers. I had cold showers and therefore they were short.
I didnt have time to search google or youtube for any acne cures.
I had no time to go infront of a mirror and despise my ugly face.
I had no time to touch my face and pop pimples.
I didnt have time for any unhealthy food such as sweets and junk. The only unhealthy food i ate was chocolate biscuits and 3 sips of coffee (i didnt want to drink coffee but it was iced :D )
And by the end of the week, my aunts and cousins said that my face has improved. I didnt really believe them, probably cause i didnt get any time to observe my face. I went home and one of my teachers who never commented on my face also said that my face is improving. But i didnt really know what made it improve so i started my old routine and it came back. 

Only today i realized what i did those 7 days to clear my face and im going to start doing it again. 
so basically my entire routine included: 
1) washing my face with water and drying using tissues.*
2) no toners, no makeup, no moisturisers
3) no junk, no sweets - i think a few sweets would be fine cause even i ate so* 
4) the entire week i ate rice, fish and lentils for lunch and dinner. - idk if this contributed to clearing my face..
5) DO NOT THINK ABOUT YOUR FACE OR TOUCH *- this is the main thing that contributed to clearing my face and my mom always told me not to think about it but how can you when people keep commenting on how it has increased 
(the ones tips that have a * at the end are the main contributors)
Keep yourself busy so that you wont find yourself going up to a mirror and touching it or thinking about how ugly it looks and you will see results! *fingers crossed*

Im not saying having acne makes you look ugly, but having acne can make you 'feel' ugly or maybe its me. I dont go a week without breaking down because of my face. It makes me even more anxious. I think all of you acne strugglers know how it feels like to have lcne which doesnt go away no matter what you do.

Also guys, drink lots of water. I drink about 3litres of water a day, preferably warm water. 
I hope this would help you guys cause it worked for me and im going to start this routine again. Click a picture of your current condition before you start so that you can see how it is after a week or so.
Try this routine for about 3 weeks.
But do keep in mind that everybody's skin is different so the results may take time or this routine might not work for you, but its worth a shot cause its inexpensive. 
If you guys start to see whiteheads or tiny bumps, that is called the 'purging out' stage or the 'initial breakout'. That happens when you change your skincare routine or diet. It's your skin's way of  removing all the bacteria that's under your skin.

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