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Dr amit ojha

For diluting TCA crystals

Sir,I purchased100 gm tca crystal bottle.it did not liquefied , so I added 20 ml distilled water in it.now I want to get 50%,30%,and 10% solution.so how much DW should I mix to get respective dilutions.net content wt was 100gm,crystals.1490258440821-2122292364.jpg1490258653262-826752116.jpg
thanks n regards.

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Hi there,

First up, we ask members not to represent themselves as Doctors on our site so perhaps you would kindly change your user name.

To assist with your question....How one goes about preparing these solutions depends upon whether they are to be prepared in a weight to weight, weight to volume or other fashion.  I was unable to determine which of these methods is most appropriate but did find this journal abstract you should read...https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10724271
 If you go ahead with self administration of a TCA peel I would suggest that you try a little of your solution on a small discreet area of skin in the first instance to check that you don't have a reaction/cause a chemical burn before you go ahead and treat a larger area of your face etc.

Kind regards,

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