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Tca cross + microneedling at the same time

I'd like to combine tca cross with microneedling because I managed to get 4 days all to myself. 
I think I should test my skin with 25% tca cross, just 1 spot, and when the time comes for the real thing I'll use the full strength 50%. Shortly after that I will put lidocaine, wait 30mins and microneedle. Do you think the deep penetration of lidocaine in my tca treated pores will counteract with my injured skin? I've used lidocaine about 5 times and I had an allergic reaction once....
Sooo would it be better maybe to put lidocaine first, microneedle and the following day do TCA Cross with a smaller percentage, like 25%, since the skin would be extremely fragile? 
The same area will get the tca cross and the microneedling.
I don't want to mess up my face.

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When you do combos you can run into issues. It does not allow the healing and safety of separated treatments. 

If you do the TCA Cross First, then you microneedle after, you do not want the tca to go into the micro needle channels.

Please read my how to TCA: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/366754-discussion-all-things-acid-peels-for-scars-tca-full-face-peel-tca-cross-phenol-glycolic-salicylic-methods-and-techniques/

You cannot put lidocaine if you are doing microneedle after tca, it is unsanitary and will go into the skin with possible infection. Put it on the lido before TCA Cross, clean skin, make sure it's dry, cross, then do you microneedle, 

If you had allergic reaction to lido do not use it, you are doing 2 things at once once to your skin.

I would test your tca cross and microneedle on one spot before you do this and see the reaction, if any issues of course don't do it. Your combining things and you have sensitive fragile skin. Take pain pills and ice before needling maybe instead. Again if you combine procedures, more can go wrong.

You could miconeedle wait a day and then tca cross allowing the microneedle to close up a bit. 

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0.75mm depth, 3in x 4in area, medium speed = about 7 minutes each cheek.
I'll suction the day after microneedling, every day, morning and night.

Since it was a superficial job, can I make my next treatment in 2 weeks? Someone please say yes.




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Sure you can microneedle more often with short needles, that will do very little for scars I think 1mm to 1.5mm starts to treat scars, .5mm etc is for product absorption, the suction things is only for subcision not microneedling.


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Its been almost a day since my microneedling. I decided to try a light peel the day after microneedling.
I used 13% lactic acid all over my face and I kept it on for 10-15 minutes before washing it off.

I didn't experience redness nor irritation. If I ever microneedle at 0.75mm I'll use 20% lactic acid the day afyer just to test my comfort levels.

I realized that I don't have much experience with chemical peels, neither for active acne nor acne scars. I'm planning on using weaker and stronger peels in order to keep my skin as clean as possible from blemishes as well as gain more experience for the stronger peels for my scars.




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