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Hormonal Acne, Eczema, Doxycycline 100mg

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Hi guys, 

I'm a 32 y/o male and while I got through my adolescence without much skin trouble, my 20s saw an increase in pimples and the occasional cyst. After a period of severe stress and trauma which led to a year on Venlafaxine, I developed a severe and fast spreading rash. Blood tests, elimination diets, allergy tests... nothing. I was healthy. But my face was being eaten. Finally it seemed I had atopic eczema, and hormonal acne. While my skin improved with diet, the variability of the outbreaks led me to believe it was a different cause. 

I quit smoking weed and allowed my empathic self to deal with my pain which drastically improved my condition. So great, moisturising and keeping stress free sorted that for the most part. But my cystic acne continued to have outbreaks. I have a vericocele which tends to lower the amount of testosterone produced in my testis. As such, when the pharmacist informed me that the action of doxy was not simply antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, but also helped regulate hormones (oestrogen dominance in my case), it made sense as a prescription for my hormonal acne. Furthermore I was ensured that as it is a relatively mild antibiotic , the gut can adapt after a short while and that it would take about 6 months for  my body to internalise the regulated hormonal production.  At which point I could come off and benefit from a newly regulated system. 

I've now been on Doxy for almost 2 months, and have mostly cut out dairy and gluten. Without being pedantic about it. After a brief flare up, my wounds are healing and my skin is clearing. Wine and excessive drinking of other alcohols appears to cause a rash which i treat with a steroid cream diluted in moisturiser. It's mostly under control. 

I appear to respond well to doxy. I don't have stomach issues, I'm not overly sensitive to the sun, I have no diarrhoea or gas. My diet includes mostly veg, free randge meat, limited starch and carbs, and minimal gluten and dairy (I don't cut them out entirely as I think encouraging some mild tolerance of them is a good thing). I assume a healthy low-sugar, low-PUFA and relatively low carb diet help keep the dodgy bacteria from taking over my gut in the presence of doxy. 


If I'm responding well, without any obvious side-effects, does it mean that the doxy is successfully regulating my hormonal imbalances?

You hear the horror stories about it not working, about developing IBS and chest infections, etc etc. But what of cases where it regulates hormones, and due to a relatively healthy gut, does not lead to severe bowel inflammation? 

I feel like I've finally found the solution, and that by some coincidence, the lack of constipatory elements in my diet has meant that the doxy goes where it needs and passes with relative ease. 

Am I deluding myself and setting myself up for horrific reactions when I get off doxy in 4 months, or might this actually be doing what it's meant to do??

I'd appreciate any responses, advice or affirmations here, and hope that this might end up being informative to others... 



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