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I've skin picked for years, but now I'm getting scars

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I've picked at my skin for as long as I can remember - I've always known it was bad but I've only recently realised how much I'm psychologically unable to stop. I don't pick so much as squeeze at every pore I can see, every day. For years the only visible result has been inflammation the day after, and spots have stayed hyperpigmented for a while. 

I'm now 19, and pock marks have started to appear on my face, mostly in areas where I can't even recall recently having a spot. They're not all hugely obvious, some of them are small and not really noticeable unless they're in an angled light.

I'm terrified that all of the spots and pores I've squeezed over the past decade are going to turn my face into a total mess of acne pockmarks. Is this likely or will it probably only be these odd ones?
Perhaps the ones that are appearing are remnants of something else, like childhood chicken pox scars that are only just now appearing? I really don't know.

Any help or reassurance would mean a lot!

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Hi! I started a blog to document my journey trying out a 30-day no picking challenge. I'm not recommending expensive products or giving anyone a miracle solution, but I'm using it as a motivational space for myself, my friends and others who suffer from the agonies of acne, just like this. I'd love for you to check it out, and maybe it can help ease some of the pain https://[link removed] Edited by Control Panel
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Hi! I am going through the same thing. I had just made it to a month with no picking and I failed last night. I'm starting fresh again today and going to try my hardest to make it to month two. I feel am so mad at myself, i just couldn't take it! I look like a hot mess Right now as I have scabs and red marks. I need to stop doing this! Thankfully facial skin heals quickly but the scars don't.

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It gets worse as you age, unfortunately. I picked my skin a lot when I was younger and never got any scars, but these days I'll get them really easily.


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