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First Cortisone Shot Ever - Curious About Aftercare

I just rushed into a derm to get my first cortisone shot. I don't think it's a cyst - I believe the derm said it was a papule - but it's a relatively large, blind, inflamed pimple on the right side of my chin. And it's resisting everything I've thrown at it - aspirin, turmeric, honey, Desitin, Calamine lotion, salicylic acid, tamanu oil, lavender essential oil... So she agreed to put a drop or two of diluted cortisone in it. I assume 1-2 drops is standard? And I know diluted is safer when it comes to avoiding any dents showing up afterward. She told me it could take about a week, though, which surprised me. Everything online seems to say it works within 24-48 hours, 72 at worst. I'll be very curious to see how this goes...

What I'm wondering is, has anyone ever tried putting a hydrocolloid bandage on their pimple after getting a cortisone shot? It's a blind pimple, but since it was just stabbed with a needle (a thin one, but still, a needle!), I was wondering if putting one of these bandages on it could help. I mean, isn't there a tiny opening in the pimple now? But maybe it'll be closed up by the time I can get home and slap one on... I'm just curious if anyone has done this. I'm terrified of making it worse.

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