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Chest Acne

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I am 14 and I've been facing puberty acne for about 4 years now. Once I had a lot of acne on my head but now I do not have any more probloms there, but for the last 2 years I am having pretty bad acne on my back and chest. I do not worry a lot about my back acne, but the problem is with my chest acne becasue I play basketball and sometimes someone accidentaly touches my chest and a lot of times blood starts coming out of my whitehead... I leave it alone but in about 3 days a new whitehead comes from the scar. So I started popping whiteheads on my chest and the results are better then they were before, beasue my skin heals pretty fast. The problem is that everywhere I read it says that popping pimples is very bad. Can you help me find a solution to this. BTW the summer is coming and like last year I probably will not want to take my shirt of becasue of my poor skin :( for more than a year my diet has been great (almost 0 sugar and lactose) but it seems like nothing helps with puberty acne huh? Any advices???

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