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Cannot cure this acne no matter what I do!!!

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Hi everybody, please give me any tips if possible. I will explain a bit about my skin. 
Okay so since I was about 13 (I am 16 now) I have struggled with acne. Not severe, but definitely acne. When i think back to when I was 13, my diet was disgusting. Just pure junk food every day and night and my skin care consisted of using a cheap crappy cleanser from the super market and I have used every single one of them and that is no exaggeration. I used a lot of makeup back then. I probably drank one small glass of water a day and i am so grossed out to think about my hygiene then - i like never changed my pillow cases, slept with my hair down, always touched my face and would dry my face with an old towel that I had used probably every day for at least two weeks. Gag worthy. I would always have very painful cystic acne (at least 4 on my forehead, a few around my nose and about 5 on my chin all each day and it was always the deep painful acne). But now that i have recognised it all, i only wear mascara, eat fully vegan and my skin care regime is very clean and proper. I drink about 4 litres of water a day, a litre of that being green tea. I change my pillow cases every night (lol), always always ALWAYS have my hair out of my face including when I am sleeping and when I dry my face i use paper towels lolll. Now, I only get acne on my chin and always have at least break out in that area but since changing my diet I would only get white heads, not cystic break outs. Let me just tell you, I have tried everything under the sun that i could possibly think of. Every cleanser, toner, moisturiser (god don't get me started on that, i still to this day cannot find a single moisturiser that wont break me out and I have probably tried them all), every natural home remedy, witch hazel, tea tree oil, lemon juice, cucumber, honey (i don't use that anymore obviously), and i have also tried the acne.org regimen that sadly never worked for me. Also tried proactiv, and every god damn thing google and youtube suggested to me. I have tried every single oil you could imagine and have done the oil cleansing method. I am on ginet which is a contraceptive pill here in new zealands to control the hormones (since probably all of us know that chin acne can mean hormones). I watched a girl called Brianne on youtube who changed my perspective for a short while, as she mentioned that all skin care products are just a have and she suggested using NOTHING BUT WATER (and sometimes cold cream twice a month which i dont have) to wash your face. I tried that and guess what, in a short period of trying that routine for ONE AND A HALF WHOLE DAYS I now have a chin COVERED in blind, cystic, HUGE breakouts and i can't find a single place on my chin that hasnt got that congestion under the skin. My confidence has dropped, and I don't know what to do anymore so please dear lord if you have suggestions please tell me. Also, I have a truck load of those tiny skin coloured bumps all around the edges of my mouth and also hair line and nothing what so ever has helped, i know that Nizarol shampoo is good for the bumps but thats not available in new zealand.  I also have extremely bad backne that all began when i used the proactiv soap bar just two times to try prevent myself breaking out on my back and now i cant even sleep at night because the backne is so ridiulously painful. Please if you know anything that i could do, please please tell me. Living in new zealand we have a reletively low variety of products to choose from so please remember that, but suggest anyway. Thanks xx

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Try Burt bees acne solutions line!!
all natural! And try aloe vera from the plant for moisturizer and acne cure

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