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Laser Doesn't Work, Prove Me Wrong.

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Laser does not improve pitted scarring at all. It can help blend the skin and perhaps improve texture minimally. I hate to see people recommending laser. It's a waste of thousands of dollars. The people who have said that laser works for them never have pictures to prove it. I have yet to see good before and after laser pictures from anyone on the message board. If you have pitted scarring do subcision and suction. If you have ice picks do TCA cross. If you want to improve texture, go with dermastamp and TCA peels. It will take a year or two to see significant improvement, but it's the only effective treatments that I've seen. 

I had laser treatment for what I thought was broken/busted blood vessels which the Dermatologist explained to me were blood vessels up close to the surface of the skin. They looked horrible, worst around my nose but I had a big one under my right eye and a big one in between my eyebrows at the bridge of my nose.
Laser completely removed it and I am not using my Mrs foundation to cover it up. Yep, that`s right, was very shamed out about it. For my specific problem( lines of blood vessels like lightning shape) it has worked 100% and also my partner who has rosacea gets laser usually twice a year which makes great results for her redness as well. 

I would be looking at what skin ailments are receiving praise from laser and what`s not because in my and my partners case its a slam dunk for laser where as I can see others its no good. You certainly do not want to go and throw money$$$ away for nothing but at the same time you don`t want to miss an opportunity to free yourself from terrible skin and feel good about yourself and not live your life stressing every day about your face(that last bit was me :P)

If anyone has questions feel free to ask, I just think that you shouldn't be so quick to say laser doesn't work as a flat blanket statement but rather on a condition by condition rationale.

Best of luck :D


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Vascular laser is not for scars this belongs in hyperpigmentation section . It is not the same thing as a acne scar treatment which remodels the skin. It's a vascular or pigment laser like IPL's purpose. It does not touch "skin" per say (veins and pigment is what is treats).  I will move this comment to hyperpigmentation for you.

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