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Today marks my 3 weeks and my skin hates me. My skin doesn't even feel like skin anymore. I have never seen it so dry in my life. I try everything to allow it to stay moisturized but it just cracks and flakes. I have been getting around 8 pimples (With a white head) 4 on each side of my chin every single day. I have stopped using making up about a week ago for good so I understand it may still be because of irritation from the makeup I used two weeks ago. But dam my skin hurts so bad and it filled with scars, hyper pigmentation and new active acne. It looks the worst its ever looked. :( Can anyone else relate? I wanted to start using AHA and I mixed a little with my moisturizer and my skin literally burnt and hurt so bad. HELP ME!

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i recommend buying stem cells recovery serum by neogenesis! i struggled with the same exact thing for months and this finally cleared up my skin nd now my skin is super soft and back to its normal form! :) 
also look into the 302 remedy moisturizer and dry/sensitive skin cleanser!
this truly helped me and my path of breaking out! my skin is incredibly soft and clearing up more day by day! i hope this helps you <3 <3 <3 
and remember you're still beautiful no matter whats on your face :) 

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I feel you - I'm on week 6 now and my skin was horrible in weeks 4 and 5. It's finally starting to clear up but now I've hit the one month mark I'm going to start incorporating AHA and jojoba oil. I wouldn't start adding the AHA until after a month on the regimen. Sorry to say you just have to ride it out - those week initial weeks are tough so be prepared for it to get a bit worse before it gets better. It's tough but just picture how clear your skin will be in a few weeks time. Hang in there! 

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