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Hey guys! I'm kinda new here so say hi to me xD So today my doctor just prescribed me accutane 20mg (10+10) today. He prescribed me with it right away as he saw my face become worse. I was prescribed with doxycycline 200mg but it was to no avail. I just only have to wait for my blood test tomorrow then i can start the medication :D I was told by him that the main side effects are drying skin, lips and hypersensitivity to sun, all of these are a big disadvantages to me as i live in Malaysia, a tropical country which the sun shines all year round. So to reduce the side effects he gave me Prednisolone . I hope all is good . Wish me luck. I'll be updating my journey every 3 days with the first journey will be posted in 2 days :)

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DAY 3: My pre-treatment cysts have reduced in size! I'm shocked at how fast this treatment works lol! However the oil hasn't reduced so much, i still have a slick on my face. I haven't got any side effects yet, maybe because of Prednisolone + lower dose on Accutane. My derm said I need to be on this treatment for a year (i'm not sure if he will increase the dosage though). Anyway, this treatment has done wonders eventhough it's just 3 days. Will be meeting my derm on 20/4 :)

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On Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 2:54 PM, Zeester said:

Best of luck to you azrischneider! Glad you're starting to see small improvements, keep us posted.

Thank you :)

DAY 7: Wow it's been a week already ! The side effects have started kicking in with dry lips and dry skin around my nose area. It kinda hurts :( But other areas of my face still have plenty of oil but my glands produced less oil than pre-treatment so i'm glad to see the medication working. I also have my moisturizer and lipbalm with me so i don't have to worry much about my drying skin. That's all :)

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