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Why does my skin look tan ?

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My skin has been looking very tan since I started using acne.org regimen. I read that it might be the moisturizer. Would it be a bad idea to just use jojoba oil in the morning to avoid the "tan look" and then use the regular moisturizer at night ? 

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Hi Daniela, 

Thank you for contacting us. Neither Acne.org Treatment, nor any other Acne.org product darkens the skin. What you are most likely experiencing is dryness. Dryness can appear as a slight darkening of the skin. This dryness will subside after 3-4 weeks on The Acne.org Regimen. Don't worry about this at all. It is perfectly normal. Just be sure you're using only Acne.org products and using them exactly as outlined. In particular, make sure you're using the full 2 pumps of Acne.org Moisturizer twice a day. We recommend that you add in 5-6 drops of Acne.org Organic Jojoba Oil each time you apply your moisturizer, this will combat dry skin and give you clear, radiant, healthy looking skin.


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The licorice root extract can have a slight effect on skin color but IMO the benefits of this very unique formula tailored to soothe angry, sensitive, acne-prone skin that is being dried out by the Regimen is worth putting up with being "tan." After you're clear, feel free to substitute another moisturizer if you're still not thrilled with Dan's. CerAve, Cetaphil, and Eucerin are all trusted brands that people have used successfully with the Regimen.

Hope this is helpful! :)

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