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Clear skin now....this is what I did....

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Hopefully this will help some of you, I suffered from cystic acne,whiteheads, and papules..I tried almost every over the counter product and had no luck....I then decided to keep my regimen simple and I have had tremendous improvement.

I wash my face thoroughly twice a day with Pure and Natural soap

I stopped using astringent

I use Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask, a couple times a week on my whole face and spot it on if I see the start of a pimple(overnight)

I stopped using fabric softener

I started using Purex Free and Clear Laundry Detergent

Basically I have no pimples...sometimes I'll see the very beginnings of a pimple, just some reddness, I dab that Mint Julep on and it goes away. I hope this will help someone!!

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I would recommend washing your sheets/pillowcases at least once a week with Purex Free and Clear and also....don't use fabric softner on them either! Good Luck!

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hey foola... what time of the day do you use the Mint Julep Mask? and are you doing the bp regimen also? much thanks.

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Hi, I use the Mint Julep at night after I wash my face, if I see the very beginnings of a pimple I spot it on as soon as possible and leave it on for as long as possible...I have had great luck with that, the spot clears up very quickly. I don't follow the bp regimen...my skin is still looking great after months of the regimen I posted! Good luck!

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