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White Acne Scars?

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I recently posted about my boxcar/rolling scar scaring on the left side of my face, but I also have a question about the scars forming by my smile lines and they're spreading within the last 4 months and they are more pronounced when I smile. They are white scars and when I pull my skin up I can see the scar dents. They're more pronounced in the camera than in real life [idk why] and I can vanish  them 80% when I wear makeup, but that's only a temp fix.
I really don't have a bunch of money right now, so please don't say only lasers or surgery [because that won't be relevant] but I do have enough to get a DermarollER. (Which is what a lot of people suggested I begin with, since I have my acne 98% under control now) Will the 1.5 to 2.0 DermarollER work to fade these type of scars too? I already do exfoliating twice a week and use rose water and lotion with vitamin E and jojoba oil, because they are said to help them as well. 
I know very well that white scars are harder to treat because the pigment is gone, but anything I can do right now that is proven to help reduce them is what I'm looking for. 

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There is only one thing you can do, a member came up to treat the hypopigmentation.

Please look at the below faq, goto skin section , and then to hypopigmentation area.

Some have not applied sunscreen to these areas (everywhere else) and microneedled them. Lack of pigmentation is one of the hardest things to treat.

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