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Will these scars and hyperpigmentation fade naturally over time?

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IMG_0763.JPGNot the best lighting to show but those are small indentations and hyperpigmentation marks. Will these fade naturally overtime? I'm still dealing with a lot of acne I'm currently using Klaron lotion morning and night. So far I've used...

OTC products
Epiduo Forte 
Klaron lotion 

and none of these are helping that much. I have oily skin and a lot of clogged pores and now redness and sensitivity from the epiduo forte which just ripped apart my skin:( I don't know what to do I'm 21 I feel like I shouldn't be getting acne anymore

This cheek has no scarring but a lot of clogged pores/blackheads

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I am also suffering from hyperpigmentation. Epiduo helped to get rid my acnes however I am left with scars :(( and searching for some hyperpigmentation treatments that can be use with epiduo. 

I'll give you a heads up once I found one that works!!!! 


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I've been dealing with hyperpigmentation forever! Something that kinda helps diminish it is using products with niacinamide in them. It's certainly not a miracle drug, but I've noticed it helps a little bit. Check this page out, it has loads of details: www.acne.org/hyperpigmentation.html

As for the acne scars, there are a few things you can do such as a laser treatment or derma rolling, but I'd recommend making sure your acne is under control, because if you keep regaining your acne, it will simply be a repetitive cycle.

Take care!

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Thanks for the input guys. My skin is now looking pretty great everything is fading nicely. What I did was throw away all my skin products and not care about my skin really. Sometimes I go a whole day without washing my face but the weird thing is my skin is almost glowing now like I never had acne. I also haven't had any alcohol in a month so it could be from that too but I haven't had a zit since I started not caring. Maybe you guys can try it? I only wash with water rn when I do. Thinking back I never really had a bad acne problem until I started using chemicals on my skin I guess that was my main problem. My skins barrier was so broken down it never had a chance to heal itself. It was weird at first just leaving my skin oily all day but eventually it balances out and everything normalized. Just let your skin heal by itself the hyperpigmentation will go away faster

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