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A good way to get rid of hyperpigmentation?

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I've been trying everything on my spots and nothing seems to help, my spots are starting to have a scaled texture to them and I don't know what to do, I use cethphil face wash, noxema toner pads, and clean and clear I scented moisturizer, occasionally I use them pixi glow toner with gylocic acid on my skin, also I started to use a avocado clay mask, is there any tips on what I should do? I've looked at so many forums and videos and they all have different things you should do,  don't know which was would be best, I have a normal skin type it isn't oily and it isn't dry. 


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Have you tried honey and aloe vera. You may be inflaming them with those treatments. Do you still have acne. Are the pores inflamed or full? For PIE you press and they go away, for PIH they are pigmented and stay. PIH people use Retin a cream or tretinorin, skin bleaching cream, ipl, bbl, photofacials. We made a whole FAQ for this section as it's common, check it out.

http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/365640-qa-faq-post-inflammatory-erythema-pie-post-inflammatory-hyperpigmentation-pih- hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/

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