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Wouldn't it be better to apply TCA cross with a plastic toothpick instead of the usual recommended wooden toothpick?

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Hi! I'm just curious. I read everywhere that TCA cross should be applied with a wooden toothpick. I think that wood absorbs most of the TCA into the wood and by using a plastic toothpick you don't get this problem of "wasting" the acid. Is it perhaps another reason people use toothpicks made out of wood that I don't know about. 

Cheers! :)

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You want to use wood. you want it to absorb. NEVER DRIP! You dab it on a paper towel. It should have no excess. Plastic will not pick up any acid, and you have the potential of getting it elsewhere or dripping. Wood is a qasi tiny cotton applicator since it can soak some acid. Please see my faq below in my signature and goto the bottom look for TCA. I have videos. Doctors use the crazy syringe method. The ways I see people hurting themselves are dripping, using too much acid on gauze or cotton,  applying / wiping the area several times, picking the scabs that are needed to stay for weeks, putting full strength acid on their face (you have to build up to higher percentages, some cannot handle it) before doing a test spot with diluted (water) tca to see the skins response and healing, using those terrible fan brushes which have no control (your not a doctor who has better dexterity). The safest way is with a wood toothpick, you can even sandpaper it down to fit. If your scar is to large (wide) TCA Cross will do nothing, it needs closer walls. It  is sometimes used on shallow boxcars that are surface issues.  

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