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Hello! Okay so a little back story. I am 23 years old and I have never had acne before  except when I start my period I get one big whitehead. and all of a sudden within this past year my skin has changed. I get these bumps on my forehead and chin they don't itch and don't bother me no I can't pop them. I am more confused as to why I started getting these bumps in my mid twenties. Has anyone had similar issues ?


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I'm not a skin expert at all, so take this with a grain of salt, but last year my forehead suddenly broke out with all these little pimples and was very flakey. I used a cream called Prosacea on it, and it did go away after a couple months. I think it's a sulfur cream. I still have some of those bumps at my temples and my dermatologist (who never saw my forehead while it was breaking out) said it looks like rosacea. My sister has also been battling something similar and she was told it was likely dermatitis. It sounds like rosacea and dermatitis are kind of similar and pretty common in women in their 20s who get skin problems out of the blue. I've also heard tea tree oil can be helpful, but do dilute it with another oil, cream or honey as it's quite astringent and drying used straight. 
Good luck!

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Maybe because u sleep late at night that is the cause of pimples on forehead or something to do with products u put on ur hair. Sleep early before or at 10pm, u will regain ur clear skin.

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