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I really need some advice

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Hey guys, i am really desperate for some advice. Background, i used accutane three years ago for closed comedones and it didn't work , accutane just pushed them onto surface. Physcal extraction did help and i was free. Closed comedones kept coming back and i used 1.5 year retin- a %1 cream and it worked and my skin texture was awesome but i stopped it this year because of college and right now i cant use it back because my skin got weird. It is too sensitive to touch, it burns when i use something, my pores enlarged and skin is too oily, crazy oily. A lot of hyperpigmentation occured this month. I went three derms and they just gave me oily skin soap and differin or sulphur lotion but the problem my face can't tolarate anything anytopical. My fault was i tried a lot of products to correct it and it got really worse. When i use soap or cleanser, my skin gets flaky red and i cant move my mouth. It is oily, tight and very shiny. I dont know my pores will become smaller but at least can you help me to get through this redness and sensitivity. Sorry for my English. 

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In the beginning i stopped retin a cream for a month because i was so tired because of college and i couldn't use it and then i saw little comedones 2-3 and i thought i should use it again then nightmare started. I think i over exfloited my skin because i used neutrogena peeling and then i realized that my face started to get dark colour and pores got enlarged and i freaked out then tried everything, retin-adifferin, baume b5, madecassol, bepanthol, sudocrem. ( all in one month ) I tried to save my face from redness and i made it extremely oily. Right now whatever i put on on my face, it makes it itchy, red and greasy. Even i wash my face and it is still greasy. I checked out your link but i cant do them i need a student kind solution,(where i live i can get them easily ) i mean some cream or something that wont burn my face and not make it greasy and i will use it 1-12 months.

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I experienced this too. After moving from different parts of the state, my skin was producing a lot more oil than before. It could've been from puberty/hormones, the water, or the humidity/climate change. Do some research, talk to your school/on-campus physician and ask for a referral to see a dermatologist. There should be a physician on-campus that does some type of acne related work because of it commonality. Best of luck.

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