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I'm new to the regime - its been about a week and I'm going through the superdooper dry skin phase (lucky me). I'm using A LOT of the moisturizer because I'm really self conscious of my cracking, peeling, Sahara desert face - however - I've noticed my skin is REALLY YELLOW! At first, due to being a medical student, I thought it was something liver related but my eyes and mucous membranes are fine - and as I was slathering on the moisturizer it hit me - is the licorice derived ingredient staining my skin?!? I feel like I look ill, or really bad at applying fake tan. Is there anyone experiencing a similar effect?
Also, why doesn't Dan offer both the old and the new moisturizer so people who do experience adverse effects from the new one have an alternate acne.org product? 
I'll upload a pic if people want to see.

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The licorice root extract can make skin look a little yellow/tan but in my experience it's barely noticeable. It can cause mild staining to white t-shirts but comes out in the wash. My son uses at night with no issues except the staining I mentioned. It's still a great product IMO and I even use it when I need some extra hydration. Can't beat it for its intended purpose which is soothing and hydrating dry, sensitive acne-prone skin.

I think Dan feels the licorice root extract is a must for soothing sensitive, acne-prone skin...based on his own experience plus the numerous requests from customers requesting something soothing for those early weeks and months where skin is the most sensitive...and therefore has replaced the original product, but you're not the first one to suggest he offer both the old and new versions of his moisturizer so people have a choice.

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Yes I've noticed my skin is yellow also. I think you're right about the licorice root making the skin yellow. I just use makeup and it covers it nicely. If you don't like makeup, I would recommend maybe using it only at night and a different lotion during the day. If that doesn't work, I'd suggest getting a different lotion altogether and just adding some jojoba oil for the dryness.

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