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Questions about acne.org regimen vs. the one I'm already on...

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Hello everyone. New to these forums (I've visited them in the past but never posted.)
27 year old female with moderate acne (including cysts) on my face and back. X-posted most of this on the personal regimen logs but I know that's not the right place to ask questions, so that's why I'm posting here...

My new regimen for Week 2 (2/21 - 2/27):

1. Cleanse
2. Tone (I know most toners are a waste of $$, but she actually sells good toners with antioxidants and adds skin hydration, and I like the idea that I'm getting all the cleansing residue off my skin) 
3. Starting (2/21): Paula's Choice 2.5% benzoyl peroxide (ramp up dose slightly)
4. Wait 5 or so mins for BP to dry before applying serum to prevent dehydrated skin (I don't always use this) and/or:
5. SPF moisturizer + acne.org moisturizer

1. Cleanse
2. Tone and put on an eye cream
3. Use Paula's Choice 10% AHA liquid exfoliant 4-5x/week (every other day)
4. Apply a pea sized amount of Differin to entire face
5. Apply 2.5% BP (ditto morning dose)
6. Wait 5 or so minutes for this to dry, then moisturize (I use the acne.org moisturizer at night)

I will count this current week (2/21 - 2/27) as week 2 since I had been using BP nightly the week prior and now will be adding it during the day and increasing the dose slightly.

So, I just ordered the acne.org regimen kit that contains the cleanser, the BP (although I like Paula's BP formula better I know I will run out of it soon once I begin ramping up the dose), the AHA lotion (mainly for my back), more of the moisturizer, and the jojoba oil.

Now my questions are...should I nix Paula's Choice regimen and the retinoid all together or simply add in the acne.org products? Or should I give my current regimen a longer chance to work - has anyone else had better luck with PC's products/regimen? Is there anything I should leave out/replace? I'm just skeptical about continuing with using a small amount of BP because I remember the last time I tried the acne.org regimen my skin wasn't completely clear until I used a lot of BP 2x/day. I'm thinking that I'm going to continue with this current regimen and just use more BP. Good idea?

Will update when I receive my acne.org products and finish week 3 :) (2/28 - 3/6). Edited by Sophie1127
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If your skin starts to get very red and irritated, I'd stop the toner step until you're clear, then you can experiment with adding back in. The Regimen works best with just the 3 base products in the early weeks and months while you're adjusting and clearing up.

My son used a retinoid for a couple of months for blackheads, etc. but only after he was mostly cleared up. He applied over the top of BP and moisturizer, and about an hour after doing the Regimen. The moisturizer created a buffer so that his skin could handle both products. Worked well! The product was tretinoin (.05%) so not sure if Differin would work the same.

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